Marie Soffe : Jan 2013

January 2013:

Marie Soffe’s work, made while on residency in deAppendix is now installed in the waiting room. Installed, this work is reminiscent of a stained glass window.  When the evening light catches it the whole panel lights up the room.

Marie says : “Amaranta Family Practice takes is name from a genus of perennial plants known as Amaranthus, which were revered by the ancient Greeks for their tenacity and ability to thrive in the most hostile conditions. Amongst other cultures, including the Aztecs, the Greeks prized these plants for their great healing and nutritional qualities.”

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Following extensive research into the rich history and properties of the Amaranthus plant, I have created a frieze-like panel to fit a window in the waiting room. Utilising symbols and text, applied with glass paints on clear acrylic sheeting, the panel tells the story of this wondrous plant, whilst also casting rich colours into the room during daylight hours.

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At night, a different treatment with mark-making on the reverse surface of the panel creates an intriguing effect which plays with both the interior light in the room and the streetlights outside. The piece is thus transformed from a series of images that engage the curiosity of the viewer into a surface that demands the physical interaction of the viewer in order to be fully appreciated.

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October 15th 2012: 

We are delighted to announce that for the months of November and December our inaugral Artist-In-Residence, Marie Soffe, will be based in a designated studio in deAppendix.

Following the residency Marie will exhibit the work influenced by her time at Amaranta Family Practice in the surgery itself. And, as a taster of what is to come, some of her previous work can now be seen in the practice reception and waiting room. The work on show is part of a larger body of work that Marie made following a scholarship in Poland and the image below is a detail from one of her drypoint prints:


Marie says about her residency:

“Making art in a doctor’s surgery would seem to be an incongruity. However, the basis of both medicine and art is enquiry – in order to bring out into the open whatever ails the patient or intrigues the artist.

The Amaranta Family Practice looks out over a large, wooded green, an expansive space with the southern sky as a constantly changing backdrop. This, in itself, is a healing and calming sight that most likely goes unnoticed in this long-settled residential area. To me, it is an enticing space and will provide the starting point for my artistic enquiry during this residency.”



Marie Soffe is a Dublin based artist who worked for many years in the corporate world before successfully completing an Art Design and Mixed Media course in Ballyfermot College in 2005. She then achieved a Joint Degree in Fine Art (Printmaking) and History of Art in NCAD in 2009, followed by a Masters Degree in Contemporary Art. During this time, Marie also studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, while on an Erasmus scholarship which concentrated on Traditional Printmaking, Studio Painting, Documentary Photography and Weave.

Marie’s practice is wide-ranging, fed by a deep curiosity and visual awareness of her surroundings, in particular while walking. She has exhibited in Japan, Poland and Ireland, and her work is held in corporate and private collections in Poland, Ireland, the UK, Canada and Australia, and in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan.

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