18th March : Myra Jago

We are delighted to announce that Myra Jago is our artist in residence during March and April.  Myra’s work centres on the human experience. Jago notes we operate halfway between what is tangible and what is felt. In describing this dichotolmy, recent work uses mirroring, where a thing appears apart from itself, and symmetry, where an object is rendered groundless.

1. Myra Jago_All this has happened before and it will all happen again_oil on canvas_100x120cm_2013_cannon eos


All this has happened before and it will all happen again, oil on canvas, 100x120cm, 2013


2. Myra Jago_RotatoR_oil on canvas_60x50cm_2013_ canon eos

RotatoR, oil on canvas, 60x50cm, 2013

Images roll into and out of one another in a loop-like system, similar to the indiscernible division between reflective and reflexive action. Work is realised through oil painting, watercolour, drawing and sculpture. Oil painting are set on a smooth, uninterrupted surface of several polished layers of gesso; watercolours present on hot-pressed paper, devoid of grain. Sculptural pieces favour recycled materials or low-costing alternatives and are suspended / hung without visible support. Palindromes offer further elucidation, both within the work and in titles.

3. myra-jago_not-a-cloud-in-the-sky_mixed media-pop-up-book-2012

not-a-cloud-in-the-sky, mixed media-pop-up-book, 2012

Jago states ” I’d like to use my time at deAppendix to renegotiate past work and delve into the long list of unrealised ideas lying dormant in my notebooks. So, I expect there will be some experimentation popping up in the the public rooms of deAppendix”.

4. Myra Jago_Arrested Development_trifold popup book_oil on card_2012


Arrested Development, trifold popup book, oil on card, 2012

5. myra-jago_nobodys home_matches, cocktail sticks, card, glue, paint_30x22x19cm2012

nobodys home, matches, cocktail sticks, card, glue, paint, 30x22x19cm, 2012


6. myra-jago_blot_oil-on-gessoed-paper_36x15cm_2011-cropped

blot (detail), oil-on-gessoed-paper, 36x15cm, 2011

7. myra-jago_bud_oil-on-canvas_25x30cm_2012

Bud, oil-on-canvas, 25x30cm, 2012

Myra Jago received her MFA in 2011, subsequent to her BA (Hons) from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She was a selected emerging artist for Manifest and subsequently for ArtNow, a Dublin Contemporary 2011 Circle Programme. Most recently, she has taken part in group exhibitions at The Hugh Lane Gallery, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow and Art & Style at Brown Thomas, Dublin. Further information see: www.myrajago.com

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