Show and Tell : Myra Jago in conversation with Jennette Donnelly

MYRA JAGO at deAppendix

Arrested Development

1. Myra Jago_All this has happened before and it will all happen again_oil on canvas_100x120cm_2013_cannon eos_sml

8th MAY – JUNE 6th 2013



Chaired by Jennette Donnelly, co-director of Avenue Road Gallery in Portobello, this informal salon will delve into newly developed and renegotiated work, looking at both the artist’s intent and the audience’s analysis.

It is immediately evident when encountering Myra’s paintings that she has a mastery and skill of her trade that is worth gazing upon. The use of paint, brushes, canvas, and gesso give her images a smooth and mirror like appearance. It creates an urge for closer inspection and contemplation. They are based on an art history of the representational but have a surreal element to them which can be humorous as well as reflective in nature. Arrested Development I – V are five paintings that are informed from her sculpture piece. They are small and beg for the viewer to move closer to inspect their use of colour and technique. Crooked Little City and one piece yet to be titled are two of the three new paintings to be viewed. It shows the smooth application of paint, reflecting the images within the painting, as well as creating reflections within the viewer. The third painting bears a title that is as much a part of the work as the image created. All this has happened before and it will All happen again comes from the opening line of Disney’s Peter Pan made in 1953.

The two sculpture pieces Arrested Development and Nobody’s Home have a crafted skill of the hand built. There is a feeling of curiosity and desire to look inside them to see if there is more to find. What is important to note is these sculptures were constructed with materials that were nominal in value such as paper, match sticks and cocktail sticks which also renders them fragile in nature.

These works all display the mastery of the artist’s tools and are a well deserved mark of the end of her residency at the deAppendix gallery.

Susan Edwards, (ACW NCAD), 2013,


For more information or images please contact : Ciara McMcMahon at deAppendix, 30 Ardagh Grove, Blackrock; 0035312785866 / email: or Myra Jagoon /00353872323561

Myra Jago received her MFA in 2011, subsequent to her BA (Hons) from The National College of Art and Design, Dublin. A selected emerging artist for Manifest and ArtNow, Dublin Contemporary 2011 Circle Programme, most recently she has taken part in group exhibitions at The Hugh Lane Gallery, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, The Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow and Art & Style at Brown Thomas, Dublin. Her work appears in The AXA Insurance Collection, The Central Bank and FSAI Ireland Collection, Office of Public Works Collections at St. Stevens Green, Athlone and Roscommon; Kildare County Council Collection and private collections throughout Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Japan, The UK and The USA.

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