Deirdre Glenfield at deAppendix

deAppendix presents the first solo exhibition, Henrietta’s Dance, by visual artist Deirdre Glenfield will run from Tuesday, 20th August until Friday 6th September, 2013

Henrietta's Dance

(above: Henrietta’s Dance, Deirdre Glenfield, Video Projection, 2013)

This exhibition which features installation and video projection, has been inspired by Henrietta Lacks, a 31 year old poor tobacco picking American black woman, who in 1951 presented at Sir John Hopkins Memorial Hospital, Baltimore MD with cervical cancer. Her cancer cells were taken without her consent and were the first cancer cells to grow in culture. She died 8 months later but her cells still live today. They have transformed medical research, but have also become embroiled with international politics as scientists believed that the secret to conquering death lay within her cells. Her story explores the mystery of cell mutation, proliferation and replication within the human body, the political complexities of medical research and the enormous part that one person can unknowingly play in modern medicine.

Concurrently the artist will screen “The Way of All Flesh” at The LAB, Foley St., Dublin 1 Thursday 15th August 7-8pm . This BBC documentary by Adam Curtis explores the Henrietta story. The screening will be followed by a talk between artist Deirdre Glenfield and curator Siobhan Mooney.

DeirdreGlenfield_deappendix_Hela Host 2

(above: Hela Host 2, Deirdre Glenfield, Pen & Ink on paper, 16cm x 11cm, 2013 )

Deirdre is a Dublin based multimedia visual artist, whose work has evolved following a process of experimentation with video projection and installation.

She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Visual Arts Practices from IADT, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, and is currently undertaking an MA in Visual Arts practices with IADT. Deirdre has exhibited at group shows in Block T, Dublin in June 2011 and the Market Studios, Dublin in December 2011 with the artists’ collective ‘This is Yellow’. For the past four years Deirdre has worked as an arts facilitator in Tallaght Hospital, collaborating with elderly patients in a commissioned stained glass artwork for the Aged Related Day ward in 2012. She currently works with oncology patients receiving chemotherapy at the hospital.

Drawing from current topical issues and personal experiences, her work explores various themes within the context of societal, political and scientific systemic structures in our everyday environment, often appropriating material from the internet. Her practice examines not just the workings of these systems, but also the failure of such structures. Her work is a continuous development of digital exploration involving layering, mapping, collage and abstraction. Her present work creatively explores the hybrid space between arts and health, within which she finds herself.

DeirdreGlenfield_deappendix_Hela Host1

(Above: Hela Host 1, Deirdre Glenfield, Pen & Ink on paper, 16cm x 11cm, 2013)

For Further information about Deirdre’s practice see here

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