Alison Baker Kerrigan: Artist in residence Sept – Nov 2013

We’re delighted to announce that Alison Baker Kerrigan is deAppendix’s next artist in residence. Alison will be working from deAppendix’s studio for the next three months.

Alison Baker Kerrigan is a photographic artist living and working in Dublin having graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Photography from IADT – Dun Laoghaire in 2012. Drawing on inspiration from personal relationships and the experiential she utilises the familiarisation of the subject matter to encourage the viewer to engage with the narrative of her photographs.

Alison Baker Kerrigan_deappendix_Sept 2013Bog Meadow_WITL_Photography_A3+_2009

 Above: Bog Meadow, 2009, Photographic print, A3

The unique driving force behind her practice is the challenge to permeate through the subject layers, a process achieved by thorough research, careful distilling and precise attention to detail. Her comprehensive aim to deliver an honest, in-depth and far-reaching portrayal of the narrative involved.

Alison Baker Kerrigan_deappendix_Sept 2013Cellular Reflection_BTS_Photography_A3+_2011

Above: Cellular Reflection, 2009, Photographic print, A3

Her insatiable curiosity in all things photographic has also led her to develop and expand her printing skills, from Black & White hand printing, to creating images using 19th Century Alternative Processes and Fine Art Printing of the digital image.

Alison says about her residency at deAppendix that it

” offers me the space and time to further expand ‘Whispers in the Landscape’ a personal project which began in 2009. This body of work explored my family’s memory of, and connection to the landscape in which they recalled a happy childhood memory. Now I want to explore their everyday landscape in the place they call home, creating a new series of photographs. These images will be reflected inside their home via a camera obscura (latin for darkened room). The studio at deappendix will be transformed into an experimental camera obscura, becoming a work in process and a source of creative visual research. Trusting the results are good I will then reapply the method to create new work in each of my siblings homes. The new work created will be shown in an exhibition in the last week of November alongside my visual journal documenting how the project was made. During the three month residency the Gallery space will not only reflect the artist’s work in progress but staggered throughout the calendar will be a series of 1 week exhibitions of finished work from projects including – ‘Stop Look Check’ a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with playful undertones, ‘Whispers in the Landscape’ as described above and ‘Beneath the Surface’ a collaborative project that depicts a cancer journey with a positive and optimistic outcome.”

Alison Baker Kerrigan_deappendix_Sept 2013_Triathlone_BTS_Photography_A3+_2012

 Above: Tirathlone, 2013, Photographic print, A3

Alison Baker Kerrigan_deappendix_Sept 2013_Inside Out_BTS_Photography_A3+_2012

Above: Inside Out, 2012, Photographic print, A3

Alison Baker Kerrigan_deappendix_Sept 2013Sandy Cove_WITL_Photography_A3+_2009

 Above: Sandycove, 2009, Photographic print, A3

Alison Baker Kerrigan_deappendix_Sept 2013Bloom_BTS_Photography_A3+_2011

Above: Bloom, 2011, Photographic print, A3

Further examples of Alisons Work are available here:

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