Artist in residence – Olivia Hassett


To date Olivia Hassetts practice has dealt mainly with notions of the body as an abject entity; visceral organs, held in place by a fragile porous skin. Her artistic aims to work across disciplines and research additional notions of the superhuman led to the initiation of a collaboration in 2013 and this residency at deAppendix (March-May 2014).

The collaborative project with Professor David Taylor, Engineering dept., Trinity College Dublin explored the evolutionary possibility that humans could become superhuman/ less vulnerable by developing an exoskeleton; tube like bone structures to protect the muscles and organs of the body. The main collaborative outcome was a prototype exoskeleton knee joint that was designed and 3D printed in plastic.

Olivia Hassett was invited by Dr McMahon to further explore the collaborative project outcomes and research notions of the superhuman during the residency at deAppendix.

It is envisaged that the research undertaken at deAppendix will inform the development of a new body of unique art works that will synthesise art, science and medicine. Through the innovative experimentation and unorthodox use of cutting edge materials and technologies she will expand the boundaries of her practice while exploring the tensions between notions of the fragile and superhuman body.

Currently on display in deAppendix is an introduction to Olivia Hassetts practice, which spans sculptural installations, performance art and interdisciplinary collaborations.

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