Lieselle McMahon

January 11th 2015: Lieselle McMahon at deAppendix

After a busy week, Lieselle McMahon’s recent work is now on show at deAppendix. Lieselle is a music and audiovisual artist living in Dublin, where she studied Music and Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin. She uses a combination of sound synthesis, field recordings, spoken word, soundscapes and voice, as well as layering visual textures in film and photography. Her work is very much influenced by her background as a musician and songwriter, and by her experience as a molecular biologist.


Reflection (2015), Digital print on acetate.

 Reflection (2015); photographic print on acetate, wire is based on the non-linear, revealing nature of reflection. Satellite (2015); mp3 player, speakers, audio track 4min 30sec (Looped) Our fascination with the moon and stars down through the centuries has inspired humans to venture into space. There has been much debate about the reasoning behind space exploration including power, war, competition, ownership and scientific investigation. Here, NASA field recordings such as interstellar plasma sounds, passing comets, lightning on Jupiter, Saturn radio emissions, the Sputnik satellite beep and chorus radio waves within Earth’s atmosphere are interlaced with sound bites from NASA space missions. These are layered and looped, mimicking the alternating chaos and calm of being in orbit.

The Moon Graffiti Series (2011) is a series of photographs taken in the Dublin-Wicklow Mountains on the night of a very bright full moon. The moon is a constant in our sky and we are inexplicably drawn to its light – it captures our imagination, is both mesmerising and mystical, and it gives us pause for reflection. The “graffiti” effect was achieved by lengthening the exposure and experimenting with movement to create shapes and symbols similar 


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